21 Day Devotion Day 9: God’s Goodness

This is day 9 of our 21 Days of Prayer, Fasting, and Personal Devotion. The first day was on Sunday, March 26th and we will celebrate on the last day, Easter Sunday, April 16th.

1 Corinthians 14:39  Therefore, my brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy, and do not forbid to speak in tongues.

There are lots of areas in the New Testament that can have various meanings. This is not one of them.  

In the days of the New Testament writers there were people doing all kinds of weird things. Even though Paul’s writings can be hard to understand (that’s what Peter said!) in instances like this one it is very clear.

We are all supposed to prophesy.

Paul is not commanding us to be prophets. Instead, he is articulating the twofold facts that God is not only speaking, he wants us to seek the ability to tell people what he is saying.

The fact that we are to seek this gift means that just because you can’t prophesy now does not mean you aren’t created to operate in that gift. On the contrary, you are commanded to get with God and ask him for his best gifts!

Get out of the habit of disqualifying yourself from getting God’s best. Instead, look into the heart of a Father who paid the highest price so his kids could have all that he has.

Once you understand that God gave it all so that the world can have his best through you, you will stop second guessing your worthiness and begin to seek to be empowered to display God’s goodness to the world.

What do you think?