A Few Days Till Nicaragua

nicaraguashirtpatternThe countdown is on for my next trip to Nicaragua.

These trips are always a mix of excitement, faith and fear.

I am excited because I love the idea of the new. I love going to new places and being with people that live nothing like me. I love preaching the Gospel and seeing the power of God change lives. I love seeing people on the mission field for the first time being used by God. I love the comradery that is forged on the ground through the triumphs and the struggles. There is something about walking jungle paths having no idea where you are going, showing up in a camp and seeing people instantly healed, saved and delivered that forges something that you don’t get eating frozen yogurt or playing soccer in Boca Raton.  

I feel a rush of faith because I know how God honors people who get out of their comfort zone to spread the Gospel. I regularly wonder how many more people would come into their breakthrough if they lived less of their life for themselves. In this team we are already seeing people operate in giftings for the first time and they have not even left the city yet. Just last night I heard two amazing testimonies of activation in preparation for the trip.

In the midst of great hope there is often worry. I don’t fear for my safety or the safety of my team. I am not at a place where I can take twenty people into physically dangerous places. I worry about the things beyond my control. When you go somewhere like Nicaragua (at least the parts we go to) there is far less communication and coordination then I would like. I have tried to call thirty times that the call never connected anywhere.

In the end this could well be one more part of the Holy Ghost mixture of missions trips and part of the reason we go. Holy Spirit really wants us to learn to trust Him and sometimes we have to leave the country to get in a place where we need to.

What do you think?