The Mission Christmas Party

Hey Missionaries!

I just sent out our newsletter with information about our Christmas party.  Here is the deal:

  • Call Ms Tracey at 561.450.8555 to RSVP
  • Talk to her about a dish to bring
  • Bring a gift that costs ~$10 for the blind gift exchange
  • If you don’t have $10 find something that is crazy on sale and wrap it like it cost a fortune.

Got it?

How I Roll

I was “friended” by someone on Facebook a while ago and had to take a little screen grab.

See how I roll?

Change is In the Air!

Get ready Missionaries!  Change is in the air.

If we continue to do what God said to do yesterday at the expense of what He is telling us to do today we have fallen into the trap of religion.  And religion is just a form of the law which brings death.

God has been talking to me about some significant changes to me and my ministry and as an extension of that, The Mission.

As a beginning, I had to lay down my blog, The Revival Blog, which I have had for over three years.  I have met people from all over the world though that site and had some things in the works that I was excited about, but I knew in my spirit that it was time to move on from it and I did.

Ask the Holy Ghost to search your heart and see what you are holding on to from yesterday that should have been left in yesterday.  Chances are that it is keeping you from tomorrow.

In the next month or so, we as a people are gonig to be shaking things up in a significant way in an effort to reach South Florida for Jesus!


I read Davi McCullough’s book on John adams a few years ago and have wanted to get this one for a while.  It was on sale in costco’s the other day and I could not pass it up.

This was a great book.  It really covers late 1775 to early 1777 but who is counting?

In any event, it is hard to read this as a believer and not see the hand of God in the revolutionary war.

It is also an encouraging read as a believer.  If you think you have it bad as a church planter, read what this guy was working with.  Talk about lack of funding and no reliable team!

He has about a half dozen books I have not read yet but hope to.

The New Blog

Welcome to the new blog.  Though I ahve not told anyone about it yet.  Here it is.  Surely it is going to change a billion times in the next year.