Crazy Busy Season

calendar2For the last several weeks I have been in a crazy busy season.

This week we are in the process of changing the name of The Mission to Revival Life Church. That has caused about a million tasks that have to be accomplished.

We are also moving our Sunday morning services to a new building at Don Estridge High Tech Middle. That, coupled with the name change requires us lots of changes from singnage to children’s ministry setup to audio video equipment.

I am also leading a team to Nicaragua on Monday. We have our final meeting for that tonight.

We are also walking through some serious health issues in one of Tracey’s family members. This has been a major added stressor.

On top of all that it is the end of the school year so there were a bunch of projects, field trips, and summer planning we had to do.

I am hoping when I get back from Nicaragua many of these things will settle and I can get back into my groove. I hope to increase my writing and online discipleship.

What do you think?