Dream Big, Aim High, You Are Not Alone

I have heard it said that we insult God with small prayers. I appreciate the faith people are trying to provoke with the statement but I have found most people quit asking for big things because so many of the big prayers went unanswered.

That’s why I think it is so important to craft our vision with God. As we accept the invitation to journey through our faith walk with him, we will find ourselves living in a world of answered prayer. But it does take courage to dram big after disappointment.

God is calling you to steward your faith in a way that it grown in confidence. I am thankful that even if we get it wrong, he is still there cheering us on.

This past Sunday one a day of encouragement. In prayer that morning God spoke two clear words to me.

I am with you.

Tell the people I love them.

I share this not because this is new revelations. In fact, God tells me this seemingly all the time. I share it because it was more than just another love note from God. During worship He wanted to make the point. During the worship set Lillian began to sing a prophetic song I heard her sing before. Here is a clip of it below.

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I will walk with you
Through the deepest depths
For you are not alone.
So dream big
Aim high
For you are not alone.
You can catch the whole song here.

You don’t need God in your life to set goals. In fact, you don’t need God in your life to achieve goals. You do need Him in your life if you are going to fulfill your purpose. And for that reason we need to hear his voice when defining what success looks like for our life.

In 2018, purpose to get in atmospheres where God is allowed to speak. Get around people who hear his voice. Be sure to honor people who are living out their purpose even if it is not the most popular choice. Eternity is counting on it.

p.s. You can find the whole worship set here. The prophetic part starts at 25:30.

What do you think?