Empowered Conference Day 2

IMAG0013I am typing this while watching Bill Johnson preach the morning session.  I don’t know how does his shopping but I wish they would outsource their services.

Yesterday things kind of kicked into high gear.  We got to the service on time, which is about an hour and a half earlier than the day before and got the exact same seats. 

By some crazy coincidence four out of five of us were wearing our Nicaragua mission trip t-shirts and we looked like some sort of youth group trip.  At first it made me feel fairly uncomfortable but I decided that God is sovereign.  It gave us a brand identity though I don’t know what we would need one for.

Bill Johnson started off the day speaking a powerful word about Jesus and the Kingdom and all that other great stuff he talks about.  After that Randy taught a bunch of academic stuff regarding healing and deliverance. 

At lunch there was a pastor’s luncheon.  I often don’t fit into these things. Unfortunately I did not go to seminary so I did not attend the class on how a pastor is supposed to dress and behave around other pastors.  Every person I met in the meeting was nice and seemed to genuinely love people and Jesus but often ministers seem like they do not want to make relationships that don’t pay long term dividends.  That leaves a room full of folks who have common interests, employment, education, and ultimately life desires yet not forming relationships.  Ministers are some of the most isolated people I have ever known yet are the group least likely to do anything about it. Just an observation.

After lunch Randy Clark taught on impartation.  The teaching is good at these conferences.  The worship is good.  The fellowship is good.  But if you come to a Randy Clark conference the point is to wait for this service and have Randy pray for you.  I was wearing a t-shirt in Spanish so he prayed for me in Spanish.  Fortunately I am most fluent in Spanish surrounding all things prayer related.

It was a bit of a slaughterhouse after that. I caught for Bill and I hope to write more about that later.

Bill Johnson just said, “Jesus did not live in reaction to the devil. He lead in response to the Father.” Good word.

That night we had worship with Steve Swanson.  That guy is amazing.

The night ended with Bill Johnson speaking again.  After that he released words of knowledge for healing.  Lots of great stuff happened.  I ministered at the altar and had some great ministry time.  I had some great healings and prophetic ministry.  I like going other places so I have to people to prophesy over.

Went to the room, made popcorn and knocked out.

What do you think?