How to Give a Testimony

I know there are lots of scripts and methods to win the lost but there is nothing more effective then sharing your testimony with someone you have a relationship with.  This requires three things:

  1. You have a testimony.  Not everyone who calls themselves a Christian has been converted. ’nuff said
  2. You care enough about a lost and dieing world to form relationships with people you might otherwise not spend time with.
  3. You are able to effectively communicate what Jesus has done in your life.

The best way to get good at giving your testimony is to hear others give their testimonies and to give your testimony as often as possible.  I tell the folks at The Mission that evangelism is the best way to work out your ministry gifting.  Don’t tell me you have a call of God on your life if you don’t want to win the people He died for.

I am Second is a site I recently found that has some really remarkable testimonies.  Not because of how dramatic they are, but because they are so effectively communicated.  If I still had my discipleship class I would assign this site as homework.


2 Replies to “How to Give a Testimony”

  1. Last week I barely made gas money, This week Im going to school, Im in line to get my own condo, I got a job that is very convinent . Thats a testimony ! Its all God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If any one meet in the streets got financial issues , dont worry I will give you the answer to all of that for real JESUS CHRIST……..

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