November 9, 2013

Intercession From Joy


bcd785f848d811e38f9d125ac6cb0dab_8The Lord spoke to us last night during intercession. In the world, joy comes from not having problems. It seems in the church joy comes from not caring about problems. I think the world has a better understanding.

The truth is that Jesus has conquered sin and death. The victory is ours.

Now if you link victory as the absence of work, responsibility, effort, or cares, then you can only get it through ignoring reality.

However, if you keep your focus on what Jesus has done, and the victory He won for us, then you get to live in the joy that comes from being a victor.  This leads to the question that came up last night.

Does joy come from victory or does victory come from joy?

When you focus on your part of the victory you may think there is no victory at all. But if you focus on the fact that sooner or later all that Christ gave you will at some point manifest in your life then you get to live in the joy victory brings. Or you will live in the victory that the joy of the Lord bring.

Either way, when you approach the Father, it should be in an awareness that we are not coming as orphans or victims but as sons and daughters who possess the keys to the Kingdom and a roll to play in manifesting that Kingdom on earth.

One response to Intercession From Joy

  1. Amen. That’s an interesting question. “Does joy come from victory or does victory come from joy?.” All I know is in Christ there is both….lol. Great post.

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