It can get messy, but God cares about mental health


I have been praying about, talking to people about, searching the Bible, and reading clinical texts regarding anxiety. Like many other things, anxiety can originate in the spirit, soul and body.

There are people that need to change their mindset. Some folks need to get right with God. Others have biological factors at the root. The tricky part of mental health is that no matter where the illness originates, it affects the whole person.

I have seen people get better with counseling, deliverance, and medication.  I don’t care how you get better, I just want your quality of life to improve.

This past Friday I was scheduled to speak at the Burning Room and while we were worshiping, God began to remind me of all the times he spoke to me about going after mental health issues.

Like I said earlier, I have been trying to gain some insight on discerning the workings of mental health and I have only discovered that I really don’t have a clue. Except now I know more ways that I don’t know, if that makes sense.

It is in this place of lack that the real strength of God becomes present. God could give me complete knowledge in an instant. Just as he programmed my spirit to discern his voice he could do the same with this but he didn’t. In fact, I have less of a strategy now then I ever have.

In this place of ignorance I found faith.

I made a conscious decision that I don’t have understanding but God does. I don’t know what the answer is but he does. And I don’t know how to pray as I ought, but the Spirit of God inside me does and that he would honor my prayer. So we prayed.

So there in the Burning Room we didn’t pray a little courtesy prayer. We went in. We prayed in tongues, we sang in the Spirit, we declared things, we stretched forth our hands, we prayed over the four points of the compass, we laid hands on each other, we did everything we could do and trusted God that he would do what only he could do.

I felt the room shift.

I knew we accomplished something. I don’t know how to explain it but I knew deep down in my source of faith that something had happened and that the enemy was on the run. Then I started getting testimonies that something was happening.

Sunday morning during worship I felt it again. I realized that the intercessors needed to welcome the rest of the body into the ground we had gained on Friday night.

So we went in again. We went after anxiety and all its evil manifestations.

Praying against anxiety looks weird to the church because for most of the church anxiety looks normal.

So our service went long. It wasn’t neat. We fumbled some things, had some sound issues, had some transition issues. But the Bridegroom received the reward for his suffering and for us, that’s enough.

I understand the need for amazing Sunday services to attract the lost. I get the need for a service plan. I am just overwhelmed with the reality that we have to make room for God’s Spirit in His church.

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