Keys to the Anointing: Key 2–Understanding What God Wants to Anoint

olive-oilMany people seek the anointing.  Less people look to become the vessel God wants to fill.

In the last Key we discussed overcoming inner obstacles, these are the things in our lives that God has told us will keep Him far from us. I have found that tearing down your God blockers does not attract the Presence and Power of God in your life. You need to be a vessel He wants to fill.

Jesus told His disciples to learn of Him because He was, “meek and lowly of heart.”  He did not tell them to learn of Him because He was perfect, the Son of God, or even because it would keep them out of hell.  Jesus qualified Himself by being meek and lowly.

Becoming meek and lowly is not something that happens in the absence of outward sin, it is a state you have to strive to become. You have to set your heart to humble yourself and look for the situations God will give you to avoid gaining notoriety from man so you can get it from God in His timing.

If God’s grace is drawn to the humble then we need to look at humility as a grace (God’s power) magnet.  Those who want the anointing for the reasons God wants them to be anointed will do whatever it takes to be magnetized by the humility magnets of self-sacrifice, self-denial, and self-immolation (ok, not that last one, I just wanted a third self-hyphen).

This sounds like a super-spiritual and difficult task for people who hate themselves or monks in a mountain somewhere but it really isn’t. As you get free from pride you discover more peace. The more you live in that peace the more you want to readjust your life to keep that peace. The more you readjust your life to keep the peace the more grace God gives you to bring His peace to the earth. The more you operate in it the more it becomes a lifestyle.

If you want, you can learn to manipulate the anointing to have some power but you will never have it and the anointing without identifying with being meek and lowly of heart.

What do you think?