Monday Morning Musings – Aristotelian Edition

imyoursignI was really excited for service yesterday.  Sometimes that happens.  God does not always tell us what is going to take place but our spirit will bear witness that God is up to something. 

Sergio lead worship.  I did not know he was leading worship till I got to church.  Funny that as the church grows how these things happen more and more.  It is good and bad (mostly good).  It is great that God has grown me as a leader to where I don’t need to be in every decision and know the details of everything that is happening.  It is not as great in the fact that sometimes there is stuff I really would like to know before it happens.

Figuring out which is which and developing systems for information flow is the next step.

In this instance it is not that big of a deal.  Sergio is a licensed minister, was our worship leader for a long time and is a son of the house and most importantly, I trust him and our current worship leader Khamille (who happens to be his wife). 

In any event Sergio did a great job. You can watch a video of it here.

I finished up the I Am Your Sign series.  Yes I know Sean Smith has a book out the same title.  No the series is not titled after the book.  The phrase predates me.  I have not read the book but plan to.  Sean Smith is great and I hope to have him speak at The Mission Delray one day.

I talked about how, as a reaction to the shift away from a Platonic worldview in the Arab world, Thomas Aquinas wrote Summa Theologica with a more Aristotelian world view causing a reliance on teleological evidence of God’s existence away from what I would call a faith based evidence.  In my opinion that is not a great thing.  You can watch a video of it here.

The lights decided to turn off and on randomly.  That was kind of interesting.  Instantly my son pointed a flashlight me. Why did Isaac have a flashlight?  That’s Isaac.

There are things we will do that make no earthly sense but we have to do them anyway.  Nevertheless we still have to judge the fruit of these actions.

What does that have to do with baptism?  See Romans 6.

I don’t preach baptismal regeneration but Acts 2:38 is in the bible for a reason.

Had an altar call.  Had first time visitors come, answer the altar call, get water baptized, and get filled with the Holy Ghost. 

Some churches give out free books or a coffee mug to fist time visitors.  We give the Holy Ghost and fire. Here is a little example here.

I don’t know the exact number but we had ten or so first time baptisms.

Had a whole bunch of them get the Holy Ghost when they came up out of the water.  I kind of live for that.

I have a leaders dinner tonight. That is going to be fun but I have a ton to do between now and then.  Later.

What do you think?