Monday Morning Musings–End of the Trail Edition

IMAG0255Oh the joys of being a portable church.  We showed up at the venue for Sunday morning service and found that we had mail there waiting for us.  Also, it was still set up for a party from the night before.  We were able to change some things and some things we had to live with.  That is the nature of the beast.

When you are portable, you have to get to the place where you are satisfied with lights and air conditioning.  We had both, we were good.

We had a worship service where we talked about worship, then went back into worship after the word.  I love those services.

Donnie Williams sang a song with the band for the first time.  I hope we see more of that.

Our bass player is getting married and is taking some time off.  If you play bass, and you love Jesus, see Khamille.  There may be a place for you on the team.

At the end of service we had a fire tunnel simply because it seemed like the thing to do.

Had a first time visitor come through and get delivered.  How do I know?  You had to be there.

After service we went to look at The Mission’s new office space where we will be storing stuff and I will have an office.  Really excited about what is coming in the future.

Podcast, pix and video are sure to come up soon.

Next week at Don Estridge High Tech Middle.

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