Monday Morning Musings–Revival Now Edition

20120318_183321Whew!  That was a great, and LONG weekend.  I woke up with a serious Holy Ghost hangover.

My good friend David Copeland was in town this weekend.  He has been a true friend to me and this church from the very beginning.  I can’t tell you how important it is to have people in your life who have walked the road before you and get what you are trying to do. 

Friday night he shared a word with our intercessors.  Like normal the heavy presence of the Lord was in the room and people cried out for more of Jesus.

On Saturday Tracey and Pam went shopping while David and I chopped up the word.  I kept looking for areas to debate but we were pretty much on the same page.  Though we were not conclusive, I am now convinced more then ever that we very well may be the two witnesses at the end of the book (not really). After that we preached to each other for another couple hours or so and then we challenged each other.  For me, being the challenger was way more fun then being challenged.

Still processing that one.

Sunday David shared a prophetic dream he had about the Glory of God invading our church.

BAM!  I receive.

Worship was great.  Had some really good altar ministry.

Met some new people.  Hope they become a part of the family.

Sunday night we had our first meeting in our office/storage area.  It took a minute to get the ball rolling but when it got going, my oh my.

We started with a little worship music.  My daughter played the keys.  That blesses a father.

Then folks from the worship team lead us in some song, and then all heaven broke out.  At one point the presence of God came so strong the fear of the Lord came upon me.  There is no other way to describe it.  The awesome and terrible presence of God came.

Live were changed, gifts were imparted, demons cast out, destinies realized, and love embraced.  At the end I went home completely spent.

Today I took the Copelands to the airport after we had a nice lunch at the house.

Overall a great weekend.

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