October 22, 2012

Monday Musings – Greatest Barbecue Ever Edition


I have to confess from the beginning. I am flying to Canada in the morning and it is highly unlikely that I would have time to write this so I am doing it Sunday night.

I was so excited about this Sunday. I mean, really, really, really excited.

Here is the backstory. As you may know, we have a presidential election happening in a few weeks. Through divine providence, the third and final debate is happening across the street from where we have service. The secret service decided that this was way too dangerous an endeavor and ordered the location closed. At first we looked for an alternate location then decided that this was a great excuse for a barbecue.

We had 5,000 flyers printed and we made an event of it.

The church provided the meat and everyone brought a side. There was a ton of great food.

There were also a ton of guests. We love showing people how great our church is.

I really don’t know how to explain why this was such a big deal. You could just feel the joy in the atmosphere.

Favorite moment: At the end of our brief service I asked the wind of the Spirit to blow across our hearts and at that moment the wind went crazy.

Least favorite moment: When the girls kept pushing me down the water slide.

Key takeaway: I met a whole bunch of really neat people.

Favorite food: Tracey’s macaroni salad.

Answer to prayer: Hamburger was done perfectly (thanks Henry)

Most proud moment: Someone complimented our church on how many people serve at Revival Life Church.

Most heart warming moment: How the homeless people in the park were invited to eat multiple times.

Most fun: Did I mention the bounce house water slide?

Most scary: Corey, me and Philippe on the top of the water slide at the same time. Definitely exceeding weight limits.

Most painful moment: When I was at the bottom of the water slide and Philippe and Mikey came crashing down into us.

Bottom line: I am so excited about what is coming for us as a church. I love the people who I pastor.

It is now Monday morning at 6:30 a.m. I am really tired.

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