August 1, 2016

Monday Musings – After the Office Edition

Before we went to Mexico, several of us were getting some pretty bad spiritual warfare. One of the ways I was affected was that my insomnia went into overdrive. Because of that I couldn’t work out for almost a week before we went.

13880118_557458324459702_1343355547336388531_nAfter being gone for a week I came home with some brand new health issues which has kept me from working out all this week. Today is the first day I feel like I can get an easy exercise time in but it is raining. If it stops I will go for a walk with my wife.

By the way, here are some great pics our friends in Mexico took of our time there.

This past week we moved out of our offices. I spoke with Corey just to hear again that we are following god. He assured me we were. Even after all these years, that helps.

Not renewing our office lease has some other effects though. For the first time in a really long time we don’t have morning prayer tomorrow. I plan to pray but not at the office. I guess I now have time for a Tuesday morning breakfast meeting.


We are talking with the school about Friday nights. I don’t think it is the best plan but it is better than many other options.

I will be working out of my home office for the time being. This little room is packed! I have to get some more shelving or something. I am just thankful we have the space. There was a time that my office was in my bedroom. Thank you Jesus for advancement.

Other random thoughts:

  • God is adding some really cool people to our church.
  • We are starting Intro to Revival Life this Sunday. Great to get that off the ground.
  • My Carolina Reaper and Ghost pepper plants look great. I will post some pics to instagram tomorrow.
  • My tomatoes are not looking so hot (they have not gotten enough water).
  • My Cayenne needs some love. I want to repot it tonight.
  • I finally restrung my Takamine
  • I am super excited about what God is doing among us.

4 responses to Monday Musings – After the Office Edition

  1. Breakfast meeting….? Hmmm. Never heard of Carolina Reaper Peppers….they look HOT!

  2. You said that some one told you the week before Mexico that Revival life will experience an increase in the anointing. I have experienced that and I am sure others have also.

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