October 28, 2013

Monday Musings – Annoying Distractions Edition

1027Been a bit of a bitter sweet week. There was a ton of spiritual warfare . . . and we are not a spiritual warfare kind of a church.

I knew it might get ugly when I started getting emails about prophetic dreams people were having. Several people had very similar dreams about the same people trying to do much the same thing. I kind of ignored them until the third dream from folks I trust.

I gotta tell you, this is annoying.

Here is the great thing about all the dreams, all of them contained the same theme of the attack coming and being defeated quite easily. In talking about this Corey said, it seems like the attack came and we just kept doing what we do and it was defeated.

The key lesson here is that even though attacks are real and we need to keep our ear to the ground and hear warnings, the main goal of these attacks is to distract us from what we are called to do. I am called to lead a great company of worshipers, not an army of people looking for the devil. The Holy Ghost said to me yesterday that the call to revival has been a steady drumbeat from the beginning.  I refuse to let people distract me from that for their selfish ambitions.

That being said there were some people who I care about who did not discern what was happening and they went through the crucible this weekend.

Friday night we had an outpouring. Saturday I prayed pretty much the whole day looking for breakthrough. I got it around 6 p.m.

Sunday morning I was felling good.

We had someone healed of long standing issues in worship. This is just the beginning.

At one point a spirit of prophecy was in the room. Instead of me prophesying or one of our prophetic people, I had each person prophesy the revelation they were getting over themselves.  Last night I heard the what people say and heard and it was amazing.

I preached about honor, another word that is at the core of Revival Life Church. Without teaching people confuse honor, leadership, gifting, and agreement. I can honor your gift, disagree with your views and grieve your sinful life. It is that simple.

Random:  I am leaving for Brazil in two weeks so please keep my family in prayer.

Ask Gabby about the revival she lead.

Diane killed it with her word on Friday.

I didn’t go zip lining. I am happy / sad I missed it.

My wife is gaining some really amazing spiritual gifts.

Science Fair projects today.

Date night tonight.

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  1. Keep digging the wells. Blessings on you guys!

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