Monday Musings: Dan Slade Edition

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This was one amazing weekend.  We had Dan Slade out with us and I feel it was really significant. I have no desire to host an event. I could possibly see bringing in someone with a pronounced healing gift and getting folks healed or something like that but I have no desire to have an event just to whip up the church. I have no issues with people who do that but I kind of feel like that is my job.

I get calls from people who want to “Come along side” of us and “impart revival and evangelism.” Honestly, I find it somewhat condescending that someone would call a minister they do not know and tell them they have what the church is lacking. And not for nothing, we have the word revival in our church name. It’s like an evangelist calling Grace Baptist and telling them they want to come and teach on grace. They probably get a fair bit of that already.

I have been on the hunt for apostolic fathers. Dan Slade is one of them.

Friday night I don’t know what he was talking about because a river was running so fast that I could not pay attention. You can catch the audio here. He went on to teach about walking with God. Isaac actually brought up something he talked about which as far as I can remember is the first time he has ever done that.

Tracey and I went out to dinner with Dan and Gwen and the conversation was really rich.

Sunday morning there was an amazing spirit of expectancy. It was palpable. But for many it was preceded by a terrible night sleep. Many people had the same dream about an attack coming against the service.  I slept fine but I felt the warfare coming and texted this to many of our intercessors

Folks, Pray bold apostolic prayers and rebuke any spirit that would try to come and distract the service. Declare the Lord’ s will would be done and nothing would hinder it. 11:42 PM

We had something similar happen at our Christmas service and it threw a bunch of people off. There was a ton of warfare the night before and that morning a bunch of stuff was going wrong. I had all kinds of folks tell me that they were involved in spiritual warfare most of the night and recognized the attack.In the end, I believe we dealt with it but a very similar spirit was prowling the night before.

I think our prayers worked. The service was great.

I don’t know I have ever seen worship that good at our church. You can catch a vide of it here. The audio is not the greatest but you get the idea. There are a bunch of great parts but if you want to watch Donnie catch the Holy Ghost start watching here.

At the end of service we had some really good ministry time.

Sunday night Dan and Gwen ministered to some of our key volunteers. We worshiped and ministered for an hour and a half. Then Dan and Gwen shared wisdom and preached for a while. After that they did a Q&A for another hour or so. In all we were there for about four hours. The wealth of wisdom was such a blessing.

I have a ton more to say but I have an appointment to get to.

Video and podcast are up. Pix to come.

What do you think?