Monday Musings – Finally Found Where I belong Edition

DSC_0317 What an amazing day at Revival Life Church.

God is doing something amazing in our worship. Music has always been a major part of our church and in this season I am in awe of where it is going. Recently there is a joy that has broken out during the worship sets. In the middle of worship this past Sunday a prophetic song burst forth. We began to sing it over each other and a joy and a love broke out in the room.

I will try to get a video clip of the song tomorrow.

After that we sang a song that made me love this church even more.

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I announced that I was three weeks into a message series. Normally you announce that before hand. I did not realize I was in a preaching series until after last week.

I tried to preach what I had to preach but God kept redirecting the message in the direction of dealing with heart issues. Finally I decided to yield and just preach on heart issues for a while.

That is the fancy planning we do around here.

We seek God, He gives us the plan.

This past week felt like a struggle. I had a really hard time communicating what was in my heart. When I was done I was not even sure if it was coherent.

Since then I have gotten a bunch of notes thanking me for the message. I have not had that many people give me testimony about how a message affected them in a very long time.

You cannot judge what God is doing based on how neat it looks.

Had a great altar call at the end. That has to mean something.

That night I went with some friends to El Rey Jesus in Miami. God used Apostle Maldanado to speak a significant word over me and Cathy Lechner confirmed what God has been telling me for some time.

The coolest part? After the service a teenage girl came up to me and told me that she is part of an intercession team. That when she heard that Apostle Maldanado was ministering to a pastor from Boca she got really excited because her intercession group has had a burden to pray for revival in Boca.


Christmas Party Tickets (last day, get them now).

What do you think?