Monday Musings – Gift of Prophecy Edition

DSC_0099I am writing this while on a family vacation in Orlando. There is a tropical storm tearing the place up and the weather is awful but we could care less. Getting out of town is getting out of town. I have to keep telling myself not to try to get stuff done. Maybe this blog post is a demonstration of failure in that regard.

I had planned to do a series on the gifts of the Holy Ghost and spent the first three weeks just kind of preaching on the person of Holy Spirit. I never claimed to be a teacher. I preach whatever Holy Spirit tells me to preach. Sometimes I know ahead of times what that will be, sometimes I don’t. It is what it is.

This week I started teaching on the gifts and how they operate in our church starting with prophecy. If you want more info on prophets and prophecy, check out a teaching series I did on it right here.

I have taught so much on prophecy that is was a challenge to distill the basic important parts into one teaching. Hope I got the best out there. You can watch the video here. Podcast should be up soon.

The pictures are right here.

Anya has recently started taking pictures and I am really impressed with them. Check out this pic and this one. That’s good stuff.

Everyone says its Corey’s lens but I don’t know. Modern cameras make the professional photos a lot easier to attain but you have to have an eye for composition and I don’t think that can be taught. The picture above is of my and my boy. It looks like we are sharing a tender moment but we were talking about who was going to win our next wrestling match.

Lillian lead worship and was good as always. My cute bride was up there as well. I don’t really like her being tied up on stage but she enjoys singing and she is good at it.

I have been playing my bass at intercession on Thursday nights. I am really enjoying that. If you play an instrument it is always your desire to play with something other then a cd or video. I am not that good but it is a creative outlet for me. It is also fun to play with on of my spiritual sons.

I did not know how service was supposed to end so I waited on instruction from above. You never know what day might be someone’s day of breakthrough so I would rather drag the service on another ten minutes then close up shop before God is done.

As it turned out God wanted to anoint some folks.

After service I did a few things in the office then went home, packed and headed to Orlando where I will be till the weekend. I have the phone turned off and the email on auto respond. Lookin forward to unplugging for a few days.

What do you think?