Monday Musings – Gooder and Gooder Edition

DSC_0017I was pretty excited for Sunday morning. I was getting ready in my office before church and I had an encounter with the Lord. It caught me completely off guard.

I felt such a freedom to be me at the service it was liberating. When you are in ministry, you get pulled in fifteen different directions at the same time trying to get you to bend to their idea of what you are supposed to be doing. It is easy to say you are only going to do what God tells you to do but discerning exactly what He is telling you to do can be a bit of a challenge.

You want there to be a god church service. You want people to feel welcomed. You want people to have their needs met. You want people to feel comfortable. You want people to feel challenged. You want people to learn something. You want people to see that they fit in. You want people be empowered. You want people to find covering. You want people to encounter God. You want God to be honored. And you want five hundred other things.

On top of that you want to be true to who God made you without allowing who you made yourself to be to overshadow who He made you to be.

You never feel like you can do all of these things well at the same time.

Sunday morning after I encountered the Lord I felt free.  I don’t know how else to explain it.

At 10:00 every Sunday we have a servers meeting. Isabella joined me on stage to announce that the Pereiras had their baby. J’Courian decided to join us. I completely forgot to announce it when I got up to preach.

Sign up to bring them a meal here. If you bring a meal you get to see the baby.

I talked about receiving the gift of God in people and then God showed up.

Last night we had our last ASD. We did some baptism training and God showed up in a massive way. The office got a little flooded but it is what it is.

My wife and I are celebrating the 13th anniversary of our engagement. Podcast and service vids should be up tomorrow. Pix are up.

What do you think?