Monday Musings – Here is the Heat from Nicaragua Edition

20120529_221813I got back from a missions trip with nine others on Friday night. Sunday morning is still felt like I was recovering.

As soon as we got outside the airport Tracey called and told me her grandmother had just passed. I am thankful that I was back when that happened.

Setup happened without me. I love that Jesus has raised such faithful leaders in our church. Time and again I am seeing leaders in all areas in this ministry. I hope to write more on this later.

I showed up Sunday morning and the heat in the room was like a slap in the face.  Last week the air came on late, this week it did not come on at all. At least in Nicaragua they had fans. This was brutal. Of all the weeks to wear a long sleeve t-shirt.

I love what God is beginning to birth in our worship. There is an old sound, that is new to us that God is bringing forth. It makes me excited about the future.

It was hot as sin up in there but folks were worshiping! You have to decide early in your walk if you are going to allow external forces to stop your praise. Yesterday we decided that they would not.

At the end it kind of exploded. Watch it here. It was hot as all get out but that did not hold us back.

By the time I got on stage I was dripping with sweat. It was straight crazy.

We went right into testimonies from Nicaragua. In the middle Sergio earned a bonus, watch it here.

After that the Holy Ghost told me to put my message away for the week and preach the baptism.

I did.

The anointing came.

After service I did some pre-marital counseling then went to the mall and bought a bed.

I went to ASD and worshiped like I was not exhausted. The anointing was so think in there. After that Diane taught on evangelism and sharing your testimony. I heard it was great.

This morning Tracey forcefully made sure that whatever is wrong with the AC would soon be fixed. We will keep you updated.

What do you think?