Monday Musings – How Do I Get Off The Floor Edition

DSC_0241WARNING: This post may offend your sensibilities.

I missed Friday intercession because I did not get back in town until late that night from our trip to North Carolina.

Saturday I finished up my message and ate some cookies.

Sunday morning was business as usual. Got ready, went to the office to pray. Grabbed a Monster and went to church.

At church I greeted the people and chatted a little till it was time for the morning meeting. We have a meeting with everyone who is serving at 10:00. We bless and encourage them. I got on stage for it and the anointing of God began to come over me. About a minute into it I was laying on the stage and could not get up.

At first it felt good. Then it became a problem. We had guests arriving and I was laid out on the stage. Corey and Sam literally picked me up and carried me off the stage. There are times when you lean into what God is doing. This was not one of those times. I could not even raise my arm and my legs were doing nothing. The guys laid me on the ground in front of the stage and this is where I spent the next thirty minutes or so. I was still on the ground when worship was almost done.

After a while I was acutely aware of two things.
1. I needed to use the restroom before going on stage.
2. I was going to need to go on stage.

These were serious issues. I am almost too embarrassed to tell you how I got from the prone position to my backstage office. Lets just say there was mobile furniture involved.

When I was brought back in the room I had a divine appointment in the back of the worship center. Church is a funny place to have a divine ppointment.

I made it to my feet and to my chair. At the end of the offering I got up and slowly started making my way to the stage. I figured that by the time I got there they would have welcomed me up. Before hand I had them put a stool on stage in case I could not stand. I needed it.

When I got on stage some of my first words were, “I have no idea what God is doing to me.”

After a few minutes the anointing to preach came on me and all was well.

Great message. I was really encouraged by it.

At the end we had amazing altar ministry. Really amazing. Every now and then you have a ministry time that you know affected families for generations. This was one of those times.

After service we went to lunch with some friends at a Cuban joint in Lake Worth. I drove them by the apartment I rented when I was in community college on the way there. They all agreed it was ghetto. And I had people with me who would know.

Had a really fun time at lunch. Felt like we were with family. It felt as if the service just continued through lunch. We did not leave till 5.

I got home and went unconscious on my couch. Took me like 2 hours to get my bearings. This meant I could not fall asleep when it was bed time and had a rotten night’s sleep.

Revival Life Church, I love you people!

Intercession in the morning. Must go to bed.

What do you think?