Monday Musings – I Was Sick In Bed Yesterday Edition


Exciting times at Revival Life Church.

Most churches are gearing up for massive outreach for Easter during this time. I would love to do that if Holy Spirit told me to. Instead I see Him healing hearts. I don’t set the agenda, He does so I go with the flow.

I talked Sunday about the process of going from a self centered person to a God centered person. It is not until we truly identify with who we are in Christ that we can be whole and live a fulfilling life.

I feel like I could preach that for years and only scratch the surface.

It is not enough to discover who God is. It is not enough to find your call. It is not enough to find out who you are in Christ. You have to learn all these things, and then identify with it.

That is the renewing of the mind and that takes some time.

The only way to accelerate the process is to be mindful of your thoughts and words and put all of this into action serving people.

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