Monday Musings – Knowledge of the Glory Edition

DSC_0094I have not been doing these for a while. I wanted to devote the daily email to the Awakening prayer devotions. Also, Mondays are hard for me to get anything done. I often feel like I have been hit by a truck on Mondays. This is especially true when I minister twice.

I have now been trying to write this for four hours, something keeps coming up. This is painful I tell you.

Because of that this post is going to totally be a bullet point type post.

This Awakening fast has seriously been exposing some stuff. We like stuff to be exposed so we can deal with it. The problem is that once it is exposed, we have to deal with it. Ouch!

I have been playing my bass since I pulled it out of the closet last year. Back when I first got it, I played really poorly on a worship team that was about the same skill level that I was. A couple months later a guy showed up who could really play. I got the boot and the bass went in the closet. It mostly stayed there for the next ten years.

When I pulled it out last year it was a prophetic sign, the meaning of which I will save for another time.

All that to say, I have been practicing like crazy, getting to play at intercession and this past Sunday night is the fist time I felt like I played decently. Pretty exciting for me.

Friday night we had a great time of intercession. I love the power the Lord is pouring out in intercession. Early in my walk I was told that if you want to learn how to pray, get to intercession and spend time with people who know how to pray. I could not give any better advice.

You need to be at intercession.

Sunday morning was really good. Worship was anointed, my wife looked beautiful, the church looked great! Those are ingredients for a happy preacher.

We started the day with Diane sharing some really important facts about blossoming in Christ. They are such foundational truths yet so many people miss it. I have no idea how.

I talked about how to increase in the knowledge of the glory of God. I had this message in the middle of the week and really got to pour myself into study and fine tuning the rest of the week. I love it when that happens.

Bottom line, if you want more of what God has for you, treasure what He has already given. It is as simple as that.

Met some new people. I love meeting the people God is adding to our church.

Sunday night we had a prayer meeting at the office. BAM! That is all I can really say about that.

We are not sure what to do about our office space. Our lease is up but we have not found a better solution. We really need something bigger but don’t have a massive budget. God has been talking but we are not exactly sure what it all means so keep us in prayer.

Podcast and pix are up.

What do you think?