Monday Musings Off to Nicaragua Again Edition

DSC_0292Today I am on the way to Nicaragua for the fourth time in about 18 months, my fifth time overall. Please keep us in prayer.

So at church, I fully planned to preach on the gift of healing. I am teaching through the gifts of the Spirit and that is next. The Holy Ghost made it clear to me this morning that was not the plan.  After struggling with getting a peace about the message I put it away and decided that I was not going to fight the Spirit any longer. Immediately I got that peace.

When I got to church the worship team sounded amazing. Since I still had not heard what I was supposed to preach on that was somewhat of an overarching concern. I prayed and the presence and power of God was overwhelming. I had full confidence the He would talk to me.

As I prayed the Lord gave me three Scriptures and they were all in Romans 8. I got a couple supporting Scriptures and ran with it.

I got the impression that God never intended the church to be a weekly meeting where the guy on stage tells you what’s wrong with you and tells you how to fix yourself week after week after week.

I wanted to preach that but instead I prophesied over a whole bunch of people.

Catch the video here. I prophesied over people for like the first half hour before I could get in the word.

I preached a while then started prophesying again.

That makes me happy.

Confession: I am writing most of this Sunday night.

I used a phrase in a prophetic word today that I am pretty sure I have never used in my life. Later the person told me that the same phrase was spoken over them in a prophetic word before. That is amazing! I mean really amazing.

Would you keep my family in prayer while we are out of town? Also the whole team and the church? It should be an amazing trip.

What do you think?