October 15, 2013

Monday Musings– Pressured to Write on Tuesday Edition

cc7378f832d211e39dfe22000ab6850c_8I have not been writing. I don’t know why exactly but I haven’t. Sorry. my children’s ministry publically shamed me into writing this. Glad they did.

There has been an increase is (good) spiritual activity lately. I have watched it begin a few months ago. But now it is increasing to a level to where even those who are not looking for it see it.

On Friday night there was a river running through our meeting. If you love the Holy Ghost and you are not coming Friday night I don’t know what to tell you.

I have found that it is easy to be ankle deep with God. But if you want to get deep in the anointing it takes going to meetings that are not convenient, getting things out of your life that you may like but Holy Spirit doesn’t, and constantly humbling yourself.

On that note, God is really into people being humble. And the more intimate you are with Him the more He likes to see it in your life. I have found that you should look for areas of your life to display and experience humility. If you get lazy about it don’t worry, God will bring you opportunities. My advice? Don’t be lazy. The do it yourself route is much much better.

While we are on the subject, take note of the things you openly mock. There is a strong possibility those will be the things God uses as stumbling blocks to walk in more anointing.

It’s kind of like inner vows.  If you aren’t sure what I mean about those, just go ahead and make a few and see what God does with them.

Random thoughts:

  • Lillian was still sick on Sunday while leading worship. Her sick voice is still better than most people’s well voice. I think her voice was done before she was.
  • I was consumed with welcoming the presence of God. At our morning meeting I actually lead a song. I just wanted to worship Him.
  • At the end of worship we did it again. Catch it right here (link).The anointing of God fell in the room and God touched people before I even thought about preaching.
  • I have never seen in my life the amount of angelic activity I am seeing these days.
  • I say a lot before but now…it is really amazing. The Lord is showing me what He is doing by showing me what the angels are doing.
  • I asked folks to vote on something. It might be our first vote. We can play church or follow Jesus.
  • We chose follow Jesus.
  • I told Mikey to stop playing and play the song Jesus wanted Him to play. He played the perfect song. As it turns out God showed him a song before worship.
  • Preached on humility. Had no idea what God was going to do with that till I started getting feedback from folks about what God was dealing with in their lives.
  • I pray in tongues . . . in Sunday service . . . without an interpretation. Hope that does not offend you. At the same time don’t plan to stop.
  • Life Groups start tonight. Can’t wait!
  • I don’t do the service videos any more and I am pretty excited about that.

Got other stuff to do so I am going to wrap it up with that.

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  1. Yes.. My first photobomb made it to the musings! Bam!

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