September 19, 2016

Monday Musings–Random Stuff Edition

  • I continued out Pray in tongues more than you do right now. Seriously. No, I won’t get into a bible argument with you about it. 14322548_1576828812623748_3271527263371387881_n
  • Don’t ever argue with people concerning the modern validity of tongues, prophecy, miracles, healings, apostles and prophets. If they refuse to believe the bible, chances are very slim they will listen to you.
  • We continued our A Living Hope message series through 1 Peter yesterday. I rarely teach through a book of the bible. I am mostly enjoying it. This way brings challenges but it is so fruitful as well. I have always loved the writings of Peter and wish we had more of his writings to study.
  • Here we are in the New Covenant and folks use the same weights and measures from the Old. We really aren’t in that covenant any more. That can be scary because now people have choices. But you really can trust Holy Spirit.
  • Here is an example. 1 Peter 1 the apostle tells us to be holy. 1 Peter 2 he first defines holy behavior through the lens of how we treat people. That is a radical departure.
  • I have met a whole bunch of people that were so holy nobody wanted to be around them.
  • That is not holy.
  • The photos from service recently have been amazing. Anya and her team is killing it!
  • Friday night we lead a time of prayer at Covenant Centre. Check out some pics here.
  • That was a great time with Pastor Norman Benz. He is such a gift to south Florida.
  • Our dog has been super sick. I never thought I would write that. I even asked people to keep her in prayer. My wife took her to the vet this morning. She is getting much better . . . I think.
  • I went for a ride this morning with Chris for some breakfast on Las Olas. It was a little windy but nice ride. I remember when lots of folks were riding. Those were the days, 10 months ago.
  • Keep us in prayer about our offices and mid week location.
  • Visited the Pagano Life Group last night. So good!  Had some great conversations with some people that God is doing amazing things in.
  • That’s it for now.

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