August 8, 2016

Monday Musings Salvations for Communion Edition

What an amazing service we had yesterday at Revival Life Church.

I say that a lot but it is always true. We have a group of leaders who exercise their faith as they lead the service. We are regularly checking to make sure we are not going through the motions.

look thereThat is the beginning of religion. I don’t suppose there is anything inherently wrong with religion it just doesn’t connect people to God. When you gather to know God and make Him known that is a problem.

So at the end of worship we went after God and He flooded the room. At the end I was laid out on the stage having an amazing vision of the interaction of two angels in the room. It was amazing and I was getting rocked.

On one hand I was thinking, “I am leading this meeting. What will people think if I am laid out on the stage? I really should look more responsible.” On the other I was thinking, “Wow! Massive angels. Can’t get up! Who just ran past me? Stuck to the ground. Power going through me.”

Once we got things back in order / the Lord lifted His hand, I began to share my message.

Overall I think it was good. I taught about we, “as living stones are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood.” It was a fairly basic message that I hope blessed some folks.

Bottom line: God cares about our every basic need, and it’s not about us.

soundboardHere is a cool part. We had communion at the end of service. We practice an open table, meaning that anyone who has been converted to Christ can come and receive. I then told folks that if they aren’t qualified to receive the Lord’s table, they can come and give their life to Christ and receive with us.

Then two people did!


Between the kick off of Intro to Revival Life, amazing presence, salvations and a good looking preacher, I don’t know if the day could have gotten any better…until.

Later last night we hosted life group. At the end, Tracey and I ministered some amazing breakthrough to some folks. We were ready to end the day exhausted, but satisfied. Then our plumbing decided that it no longer wanted to work.

I spent the evening digging up my yard looking for my septic cleanout only to find it, and not be able to open it. So this morning I am calling a plumber. No bueno.

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