Monday Musings Tuesday After Gaydar Edition

20120610_101446So the big news Sunday was that the air conditioning worked the entire time at service.  This may sound small …till you have service in the furnace that can be south Florida.

I took this picture before service. –> The lobby area. I love the community that God has brought together here. I love the healings, salvations, miracles, and everything else God does here but something about the community Holy Spirit is building that really moves me.

Lillian lead worship and she sang some of my favorites. Worship was great. At the end she sang “Nothing but the Blood” and this was remarkable for two reasons,

  1. Whoever does the overhead had the author as Jesus Culture. That ought to let you know our crowd. For those who care it was written by Robert Lowry somewhere near 1870.
  2. At the end I heard the Lord telling me He was granting the gift of salvation and right then I had an altar call and a bunch of folks came forward. Check it out right here.
    The altar call was pretty amazing. Go click the link and watch.

When I finally took the stage to minister I had a word about tongues and people gaining an ability to communicate in a natural language that was not native to them. We have a bunch of folks who come to Revival Life Church that struggle with English (or don’t speak it at all) so I thought this was a really neat word. We prayed for the folks right where they were and two folks came forward either because they really wanted me to pray for them or they were not able to understand my instructions to stay where they were to receive prayer.

Either way they both went down and stayed there the entire message.

Talked about the Holy Ghost again. He is pretty amazing.

Used the word gaydar in my message. Yikes! That was not planned.

At the end we prayed for folks to hear God better.

Someone got out of their wheelchair after prayer.

That night at ASD I was about stunned to hear the encounters people had with Jesus. I mean like, “Jesus visited me … took my heart out and showed me that it was His” kind of stunning. Talked with those folks till midnight. When I got home Tracey was knocked out in bed.

Spent my day off yesterday doing school work and putting together new furniture for my room.

Speaking of Tracey, she is serving dinner now so I gotta end this.

What do you think?