Monday Musings Tuesday – After Nicaragua Edition

DSC_1004So this should have done yesterday and I could have a thousand pages due to all we saw and did in Nicaragua but this will have to suffice for now.

We got in from the trip on Friday night. We were so blessed to have Tracey’s mother watch the kids for us. We can’t thank her enough.

Saturday I was flat exhausted. I mean really wiped out. I slept most of the day away. This was by far the most exhausting mission trip for me. There are a variety of reasons but I spent much of the trip excited about the moment it would be over. There was so much going on that at times it was difficult for me to enjoy the moment.

Sunday morning it was still hard to get going. Nicaragua is two hours off so it seemed really early. I don’t think I was the only one because most of the folks who were on the trip were not there till right before service. That would not be such a big deal if folks were not instrumental in puling off service,

The last guy you would expect to get arrested did right before service. I think they found a brick of heroin in his trunk…or there was a mixup with a court date for a traffic ticket. Not sure which one.

He got out a few ours later after $200 bail. So it probably was not the drugs.

At the end of worship I had Khamille sing a song she was not planning on singing. She did it without questions and the anointing rolled in like a flood.

We had a ton of great testimonies.

After that I preached on the gift of healings. Plural.

Then folks got healed of some inner stuff.

Came home and slept.

What do you think?