Monday Musings – Tuesday Las Flores Edition

20120513_103902Jesus is alive.

There are such things as dangerous prayers. They are not the prayers that put people in danger, they are prayers that result in you being in unfamiliar places doing things that are uncomfortable.  Your breakthrough with God will bring more responsibility but not necessarily more comfort. I have made a series of casual prayers with a sincere heart asking God why I have not experienced His grace in a particular way. I was asking for a specific manifestation of that grace but He is taking me through it another way.

This has been a slightly more uncomfortable process then I thought He would use but I can tell you faith is increasing.

Because of that process I got to catch more of the worship then normal.  I was worshiping with a handful of people and when I got on stage the place was full. We should let folks know worship starts at 10:30 a.m.

Courtney got a prophetic song and it was really powerful. I think a good part of the reason it was powerful was that she just completely yielded to the Spirit of Christ and let it flow. It was really good.

It was Mother’s Day so I preached on how the heart is desperately sick. Take that hallmark.

Had some great ministry time at the end dealing with offense and other heart stuff.

Tried to take Tracey out to lunch at a local Cuban place but they decided to jack up the prices for Mother’s Day.

We left.

Went to a Mexican place instead.

That night at ASD was amazing. Among other things there was a prophetic word that came a couple weeks ago about someone in a garden with Jesus. When I brought it up again at ASD I knew there was a grace for it to expand. I told the person that it was about to happen. Then I told everyone else to close their eyes that Jesus would show them something as well. About a dozen of us had the exact same vision of heaven with flowers miraculously growing out of a barren ground. I heard someone’s testimony of that being just a small part of a tour Jesus gave them of heaven.


Got home tired and knocked out.

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