Monday Musings – Wednesday after Easter Edition

DSC_0145A little late on the musings here. 

I love my church.  I really do. I love the people, their hearts for the lost and hurting, their heart for people away from God.  We are a group of people that truly believe that the greatest days are ahead of us.

Sunday morning service really begins on Friday night when we have intercession.  We cry out for the lost.  We cry out for this area, and particularly this Friday we cried out for our families.  Catch a video clip of it here.

Before service I was out in the worship center and there were lots of folks who brought family.  That was great.

I believe God does not call individuals, He calls families. 

We have done special services for Christmas and Easter in the past.  Last year I even tried to wear a suit coat but it does not work for us.  (I took the coat off minutes into the message.) We are who we are.  I like the church that we are and we are not going to fake it for visitors.  I always found it disingenuous but acquiesced to the church growth geniuses.  Bottom line is that we are who we are.  No matter what service you come to you are going to see us.  We aren’t hiding any other theology in the back room.

We had a Friday night communion service where I preached the baptism in the Holy Ghost.  Easter Sunday?  Preached the baptism in the Holy Ghost. 

That’s who we are and I believe that God put a big fat AMEN on it in worship.

See, Easter is supposed to be the easy entry service.  You are supposed to have a play or special production, preach a short message, get folks in and out making them think your church is easy to attend.  That works for some.   But God brings us folks who not looking for that.  And frankly there are people who do that really well and I don’t have any problem referring people to those churches.  There is a church for everyone.

The Mission is based on people who want to live a radical life.  We are built on people who want to live out the “Go” of the Gospel found in Matt 10:7-8. 

Sunday morning the visitors showed up before the regulars.  So Khamille was trying to lead folks who do not go to church in deep worship.  After a while I got up on stage and talked to the people and we got into worship mode.

So in the middle of worship I was on my face before God.  I kept telling the Holy Ghost that the service was His.  He could do whatever He wanted to do.  I knew we had a room full of visitors.  I knew there would be a pull to put on a pretty church service and look respectable. 

I absolutely do not want respectability over anointing.

Within 40 seconds Khamille started singing a new song.  I went back and checked the video.  Now I am not talking about a little catchy hook that was not in the song.  I am talking about a full flow prophetic song that lasted 8 minutes.   At the beginning it was a sing along song but it went into Khamille prophesying in song.  This would make many pastors squirm, and rightfully so.  Lots of goofy stuff has happened in the name of prophecy.

But we have been having Sunday morning meetings for three years, and I have pastored Khamille for a lot longer than that.  If the leaders can’t discern and respond to the voice of the Lord in ministry we need to hang it up.

So as this was going on I just started to laugh.  I laughed because this is what all the church growth books tell me to avoid at all cost.  I laughed because of all the people I love and respect who tell me to leave the gifts for the home groups.  I laughed because right here on Resurrection Sunday most folks want God nowhere near their services until the altar call and God decided that He would show up at The Mission because we have made a place for Him during the whole service.

I laughed because, yet again, the Holy Ghost has told me to choose the anointing.

As a matter of fact, right after the song I got on stage to do communion.  What better time, right?  When I get on the mic you can hear me laughing for all these reasons. You can watch a video of prophetic song here.

When I got into my message I talked about how God wants to fill us so we can change the world.  After that I have a simple altar call to get right with Jesus. No hype, I didn’t prep folks to come forward throughout my message.  I didn’t even think about the altar call till I was done with my message. 

I just gave an invitation and over twenty people responded.

Holy Ghost!

Afterwards I had some ham and sides at the house with a few folks then knocked out in a deep coma nap.

Pix, videos, and podcast is up.

I love Jesus and the people I serve Him with.

What do you think?