August 15, 2016

Monday Musings – What a Weekend Edition

We had a packed weekend at my friend Norman Benz’s church Covenant Centre International this weekend. Saturday night we were with Heidi Baker and Will Hart.

13934867_10210189126269666_6770205448965402652_nAnyone who knows me I don’t celebrity worship. I especially don’t worship Christian celebrities. In short, there really is nothing they can do for my life to make it any better. They aren’t going to pay my mortgage or grow my church or make me feel better about myself by meeting them or them telling me they love me. I have watched people I love chase celebrity and it never ends well.

That being said, some of the people I hold the highest respect for are celebrity Christians. These folks are well known because lots of people hold them in similarly high esteem. Some of these people know me, others don’t.

Heidi Baker is in the second category. We have had conversations and prayed together but there is no way she knows who I am. I still try to attend her meetings whenever I can.

As she came on stage Saturday night I almost immediately got on my face. I had no idea I would be there for the next hour and a half. It was not my plan. I just could not get up. Trust me, I tried. I had to go to the bathroom so bad but it all seemed so futile.

Nevertheless I got completely rocked by God. As I was laying there I was getting a look back at impossible things God has told me to do and then He began to add to the list. I could not stop it.

At the end of the meeting Will Hart, who is one of the nicest guys you could meet, prayed for Tracey and I and it was like getting his by a wrecking ball.

Sunday morning I was still overwhelmed by the Spirit. At the very end of service I prayed for anyone who felt called to vocational ministry and it was so powerful!

I got to see my hero Randy Clark last night and today I am finally healed enough to start training in earnest.

Have a great week!

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