August 22, 2016

Monday Musings- Your Meditation is Your Manifestation Edition

Sitting here on my day off watching the Vuelta a España. I missed the first two stages but it is a great ride right now. I rode this morning but it was nothing like a pro rider.

13932846_10210258169235697_5892120056865699944_nI finished up our Living Stones message series yesterday.

Preaching is a funny thing for me. God gives me a pretty clear picture of what He wants me to communicate. The problem is that what God is talking to me about is in the midst of a conversation we are having that other people don’t have privy to.

That means I have to recreate the conversation within the context of a biblical framework and present it within  a series of independently coherent 40 minute gatherings. In the end it is more about shepherding a crowd than teaching a class. At least, that’s how it works for me.

Though if you got nothing else from the message understand that your meditation becomes your manifestation.

I have a hard time talking with people who will not own their part in their situation. At the very least you can take ownership of getting involved in the solution.

(I just watched the end of the Vuelta. I don’t understand how these guys can accomplish what they accomplish. )

A few more random thoughts:

  • Super happy about Intro to Revival Life
  • I got great Life Group reports from last night’s meetings
  • Did you do your declarations this morning? If not you can find them right here.
  • The message from yesterday is up. Here is the link. The Key to Fulfilling Your Call.
  • We start our new message series through 1 Peter this Sunday.
  • It is beautiful outside today. I hope I get under the sun at some point.

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