Out of the Ordinary


Right now I am in Jacksonville for a meeting tomorrow. I am up here with my assistant Corey, though I am not sure how happy he is with that. He is trying to fall asleep while I am typing.

I sent the evening at the house of prayer in Jacksonville. Tonight’s set was lead by Kelanie Gloeckler and it was amazing.

The main reason I am here is to get out of my ordinary surroundings and hear God.

When you only seek Him in familiar surroundings you tend to hear the same thing. I need to taste from other streams and feed in other pastures when I need to hear something different.

You should try the same. Show up to a church event you don’t normally attend. Pray with people you don’t always. You may just need to sit in another seat in service. I don’t know, just break the rituals.

2 Replies to “Out of the Ordinary”

  1. It is so true. What a good word. Ralph and I had a chance to do that for five weeks with you and Tracey @ Revival Life, then in Raleigh @ The Worship Center and then in Richmond with some awesome people @Harvest Renewal Church. Can’t wait to get with our own people tonight. We have already met with our leadership team and had an awesome time. Papa God is good. Blessings to you, Corey, Tracey and all our family in Boca. See you in Raleigh next month. XOXO

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