21 Day Devotion Day 2: Pray in Secret Look in Public

This is day 2 of our 21 Days of Prayer, Fasting, and Personal Devotion. The first day was on Sunday, March 26th and we will celebrate on the last day, Easter Sunday, April 16th.

Matthew 6:6 When you pray go into your room and shut the door. Pray in secret and your father will reward you in public.

Here we are! The first day of our 21 Days of Prayer, Fasting and Personal Devotion. It’s time to get focused on getting everything Jesus has for you in this season.

In this verse we see Jesus telling us to do two things. The first is to bring things to him in prayer. During this time of prayer, fasting and personal devotion, take this opportunity to begin to write out prayer lists. That is a fancy term for keeping track of the things you are calling to God’s attention.

Don’t waste a bunch of time babbling. Break your prayer list into major headings and list a few reminders under each. Mine looks something like this:

Personal Walk

Love like Jesus, Heart of Compassion, Patience, Long suffering.

Family Needs

Eph 1:17 Spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of him,
Luk 2:52 Increase in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.


Completely debt free, The ability to increase in giving, heart of generosity

As you pray, Holy Spirit will guide you in each of these areas. As he does, make notes of it in your prayer list. That way it can be flexible and can track with how God is guiding you. I use Google Docs on my phone when I pray so I can continually update my list. You can use a fresh page in your journal or any other system that works.

The second thing Jesus says in this passage is that he will answer your prayers publicly. I think sometimes we don’t receive the answers to prayer because we pray in such general terms we would have no idea if they came to pass. Pray specifically then look for them to happen!

If you set your heart to invite more people to church during this season, you won’t know if God is answering your prayers unless you talk to people about coming to church! If you take that faith step, you will begin to see your prayer life explode out of your prayer closet and into the world!

What do you think?