Question Everything


I recently read that in all the years that primates have been taught sign language, not a single one has ever asked a question. Think about that. The theory is that if we can give these higher intelligence animals the tools, we can unlock their intellect and yet, all we are finding is that they only do and say what we tell them.

These primates live life lead by their primal instincts. Their excuse is that it is all they are capable of. Humans have far greater resources and yet few take advantage and live above their primal desires as well.

You were created for more. You have been given the ability to shape the world around you through the values you hold dear. When you allow those values to dictate how you make decisions, you manifest your values in your life.

When you live by your base instinct, allowing the cares of the day to dictate your schedules and decisions, the world around you manifests in you.

This amazing ability to question the trajectory of our lives empowers us to live for more than what we see.

Harness this power today. Use it to view your life from the outside. Question the motives of your life. Decide to take charge of it today.

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