March 21, 2017

Revival Life Church Guide to 21 Days of Prayer, Fasting, and Personal Devotion

Starting Sunday, March 26th, we are entering into 21 Days of Prayer, Fasting, and Personal Devotion.

There is a spiritual momentum happening right now and you don’t want to let this miss it. During this time of consecration, people will receive clarity and insight regarding their walk with God. We will also see people break free from the confusion that can block the clarity to make healthy, Christ-centered decisions.

There are three aspects of this 21 days:

1. Prayer – Prayer is simply talking with God. During this season we are making time alone with God a priority.

Time alone with God is an invitation into the treasury of heaven. The longer you spend there the more your spirit man is aligned with heaven’s prosperity. These experiences with God stamp your mind with the truth of God’s will establishing new pillars of truth in your life.

As you exalt these truths in your life they provide a framework of God’s will in every area and give a place of dwelling for the presence of God in your life. They create an atmosphere of faith that causes everything in your life to develop along the God path you have been called to.

2. Fasting – Fasting is to abstain from food and drink. Fasting can energize your prayer life and transform it into a richer experience.

As Jentzen Franklin says, fasting conquers “King Stomach.” You may not be an over-eater, but all of us can be ruled by the passions of our flesh. Fasting tells your body that it is not running the show any longer and that you are going to live out of your spirit man.

When you fast together with your spiritual community, you will find that your efforts are multiplied. You will feed off the breakthrough of others and they will feed off of yours.

The most traditional fast is the water fast, where you only drink water for a period of time (normally 1 to 40 days). But there are many others. The goal is to be comfortably uncomfortable. There are many types of partial fasts that limit food intake and lengths. I would challenge you to totally eliminate a normal pleasure from you diet for the entire 21 days as a base. Then prayerfully consider what short-term fasts you may also conquer.

Fasting can easily slide from being an act of consecration into a religious badge of honor and that would defeat the whole purpose. Don’t try to earn something from God. Don’t brag to other people. Don’t ask them about their fast. Let it be between you and God. Our general rule of thumb is, “If it means something to you, it will mean something to God.”

3. Personal Devotion – Personal Devotion is turning your heart toward God on purpose. It is making a decision to look toward God with reverence, worship and service.

During these three weeks you may want to cut out distractions from you life to focus on the most important things. You can call it a personal priority reset. Instead of zoning out while staring at your phone, you may want to be still before God. Instead of flipping channels for three hours you could instead bless your spouse, children, or parents. Instead of buying a new outfit you give money to someone in need. You could watch a single mother’s children so she can shop or cut an elderly neighbor’s lawn.

Most importantly, you want to do whatever it takes to keep God on your mind as you live your life.


Each day I will post a devotion for the day here on my blog. you can sign up to have it emailed to you using the form on the right.

I have updated the fasting resources on our website. You can find them here.

Whatever you do, commit in your heart that you are going to seek God during this time.

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