Stop Dreaming of Goals Start Living from Vision

Do you really want 2018 to be better than 2017? Would you like this to be the year you scratch some things off your resolution list instead of dreaming about it be liftedagain in 2019? Then you have to start doing some things different.

I am convinced that most people never reach their goals because they never articulate the values they represent. You are a whole person and your goals should reflect the whole person God has called you to be. Your goals should be a manifestation of your inner man.

This year, instead of vowing to change something about yourself, take some time in prayer and decide the values you hold in your life. Then look and see if your lifestyle reflects those values. Let me give you a few examples.

  • We might say we value our marriage and family but we sin in ways that destroy them.
  • We say we want our children to understand that decisions have consequences but then we shield them from any consequences to their decisions.
  • We say we want real friendships with people who aren’t fake but in every friendship, we hide authenticity for fear of rejection.

All too often, we set something as a higher priority than the values we claim to hold dear. In each of these examples we allow the fear of discomfort to erode our values.

In 2018 decide what is important to you. Don’t make a vow to be skinny. Figure out what values overeating and under activity is violating. Then do whatever it takes to honor your value for that.

In 2015 I decided that being overweight was an outward manifestation of my lack of care for my body. It was my body telling the world that I was not exercising self-control in eating. When I had a hard time finding any clothes that looked good on me I decided that I could not live that way any longer.

I wanted to look on the outside the way I viewed myself on the inside. I lost 35 pounds, got in good shape, and it changed my life. Embracing my values brought a ton of more fruit than just beating myself up for being overweight.

Take time this week to start articulating your values. Then see where in your life you are not honoring them.

photo credit: Corey Pagano

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