The Crazy Logic of Church Planters

I run a church plant. We are portable. We don’t always want to be. I am not a prosperity gospel preacher but I believe the bible when it says when you give you will receive. Like the doctrines of grace, the security of the believer, spiritual gifts, and spiritual authority, this doctrine can be perverted but that does not negate the truth of the underlying principle.

Revival Life Church gives a portion of its offerings to missions. We give to local ministries, international ministries and all kinds of other stuff. We also look for strategic places to plant seed.

I know of no better place to plant seed then in church plants and with missionaries. But that is a funny bunch of folks.

Time and again I have reached out to church planters to form a relationship and plant a seed. Way more often then not they don’t respond to me. I get that church planting is all consuming. I get how busy church planters are. But to not respond to a fellow minister, a lead pastor, and a church planter makes absolutely no sense to me. The first couple times it happened to me I was a little offended and became slightly insecure. Now I chalk it up to stupidity (is that too harsh?).

Here is an amazing fact I have learned:

The more successful a church planter has been, the more likely they are to respond to my overtures. You would think it would be the opposite but it is not. I think there is a direct correlation between a leader who gives (time, wisdom, friendship, finances, resources) and what they get from others. This is a law of the Kingdom we are supposed to be advancing.

Among these is Travis Johnson of Life Point Church in Homestead. Travis not only is leading a vibrant, growing, spirit filled church, he runs coaching networks for church leaders. He raises money for all kinds of stuff that requires him to ride a bike in Asia, and his church is getting ready to move into a permanent facility.

So now we have a church plant (that isn’t really a plant any longer) that is growing, lead by a guy who returns calls and probably needs to spend money. Looks like fertile ground for some seed.

I sent him a message asking if it was too late to give into their building funds. Know what he returned with?

Absolutely not. We need to raise another $8,000 in unpledged expenses for our chairs and kids spaces…blown away that you’d be asking..pretty cool.
You can give via and click “building fund” or by mailing to our office at 16490 sw 304th st – homestead, fl 33033

Here is someone who gets it. My check is in the mail.

But it makes me wonder, with all the guys he has driven across the state to coach, why does he still need to raise such a small amount?

Come on fellas. Step up and give. This is a little embarrassing. If you preach it, you have to live it.

And if I reach out to you, you might want to return the call.

What do you think?