Things I Can’t Wrap My Head Around

galaxy-s-2-and-iphone-4We all do things that aren’t perfectly logical but we usually have a reason. I like to figure out that reason so I can gain other people’s viewpoint. However, there are things in this world that I simply cannot wrap my head around. Try as I might I simply cannot understand why people continue this behavior. If you have some insight, feel free to share it with me.

Folks who posts on someone’s Facebook status just to argue with them. When you quote scripture to rebut someone’s status you don’t show your intelligence or revelation, you show your lack of class. If your post is particularly spiteful, you show that you lied when you sent a friend request. We all know how frustrating it is when you find out that someone on the internet is wrong but it is not your mission from God to correct them publicly. You logged on to Facebook and insulted a nationally respected leader? I can’t wrap my head around that.

Buying an iPhone on purpose. I have a friend that bought a Galaxy Note and an iPhone 4s. The Note looked like an amazing piece of equipment and the iPhone looked like a bland watch. The iPhone also weighed as much as a coffee mug. I have a Galaxy S2 and it weighs a fraction of what the iPhone weighs and the screen is bigger! On top of that you are stuck with iOS so no native Google apps. Yet people still say the iPhone is the better phone. I cant wrap my head around that.

Decaf coffee. I cant wrap my head around that.

Christians who don’t believe in the traditional church.” You can normally find these folks gathered in someone’s living room where one person talks for an extended period of time while everyone else listens…but it’s not church like “THEY” do it. Yeah, they have the talk after singing some songs and normally receive an offering but they are totally different then the people who are doing it wrong. I see nothing wrong with a house church. But to have church and say you don’t believe in church? I cant wrap my head around that.

Folks that claim the infallibility of Scripture but think the Holy Ghost no longer empowers believers. When you have a high view of Scripture you believe the plain teachings of the bible. When you don’t, you are a liberal. You can’t relegate whole chapters of the New Testament as ancient history and still claim to have a high view of Scripture. God is not the same today as he was back then? I cant wrap my head around that.

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  1. Amen and amen. Thats some meat to chew on. Gonna really meditate on that. I think everyone has ” pet peves”. Things that just “touch your nerves”. But i am learning and probably will be learning till our Father calls us home that it starts with humility. Especially when it comes to God. Lol. Lebron James might be a great basket ball player but he still has to humble himself to his choach. Thats why we need not only someone that we can seek the Lord with. And someone that necessarily may not know more but may now how to find it. The is old and wise proverb that says “Every jackass knows how to find water”..

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