Why Your Resolutions Don’t Work

The reason most people never achieve their goals is because they don’t represent anything more than a passing emotion or a temporal want. If you want to set achievable goals for 2018 they need to be anchored in your values.

The Bible talks of a time when folks did whatever seemed right to them. They did that because there was nobody speaking from a higher value than base desire.

If we want to live lives that accomplish greater things than our natural abilities, we need to set goals that transcend our natural abilities.

20171206_082035It’s that simple.

When we expose our hearts to God we let him transform us and that naturally transforms out goal setting. We go from solving immediate needs to setting goals that reflect the values God has placed in our hearts. And if he births the goals then he empowers to achieve the goals.

Before you can set any realistic goals for your life you need to take a realistic look at your life and get real about where your life does not reflect what you say you believe about yourself and the world.

Take out some paper. Set aside some time. Begin to list the most important things to you (God, family, health, having a place of belonging, honest relationships, etc). The get in the place of prayer and ask Holy Spirit to help you see which of those areas don’t really reflect what you say you believe.

Here are three examples from the fist post in this series:

  • We might say we value our marriage and family but we sin in ways that destroy them.
  • We say we want our children to understand that decisions have consequences but then we shield them from any consequences to their decisions.
  • We say we want real friendships with people who aren’t fake but in every friendship, we hide authenticity for fear of rejection.

Instead of making a new goal to quit watching porn, set a goal to love your wife in every area. Walk with the question, “Does this reflect the love I have for my wife?” Date her more, adore her more, cherish her in your heart. If anything begins to take her place it will be foreign and collide with the value you have placed on her.

Don’t waste your life focusing this year on a magic number on the scale or or a number in your bank account. Get with God, find out why those things are so important to you, and live a life that reflects your values.

What do you think?