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3 Books I am Reading Over the Holidays

The Bullet Journal Method — Ryder Carroll

I am tired of juggling task lists and brainstorming sessions. I was using Google Keep to keep random lists of things either tasks or ideas. I moved most of my task lists to Google Tasks which I liked but it was not perfect. I use Trello for managing projects and Office 365 for cloud storage and word processing. I used OneNote for tracking School notes and assignments. 

I am moving many of those things to OneNote using my own modified version of the Bullet Journal method. I am still using ink and paper for long form journaling but now if something great happens in my journal I write the page in my yearly tracker in ON.

Reading While Black — Essau McCaulley

I have heard a lot about this book and have read all around it but finally bought it. I have read Esau McCaulley and the guy is brilliant. I heard a podcast interview . . . I can’t remember where and was blown away with how articulate he was. He had really clear language for seriously complicated issues. Hoping it’s not too dense because I want to finish it before the semester starts. 

The Jungle — Upton Sinclair

This is the 1906 novel telling the story of a family trying to make their way in the terrible world of the meat processing industry of Chicago. Sinclair wrote it to expose both the exploitation of immigrants and disturbing nature of the meat packers. The book was called the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of wage slavery and led to the Meat Inspection Act. I got it on Amazon Kindle for free. Here is a link to the book.

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