Quick Notes

A lament for the foolish

I have been amazed in this season how many people simply believe their feelings are the greatest determinant of truth. You could read the Bible to them and if they don’t like the way it “feels” then it’s a nope for them.

Lest you start talking post-Christian culture, I am only talking about self-identifying Christians. And I am not talking about the parts where there are lots of different interpretations, I am talking the really basic parts.

I don’t have a cultural trend to blame or an easy fix but if the church is learning anything in the last decade it’s that there are really far fewer Christ followers than we think. There are lots of “Christians.” Not so many disciples of Jesus.

This isn’t doom and gloom end times stuff. This is a lament at the lack of wisdom and discernment in so many conspiracy-minded people who call themselves Christians who can’t hear God’s voice.

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