Exciting News: I’m Moving to Substack

I have some exciting news to share: my writing is moving to Substack! My blogging has shifted to seeing the marriage of the Word and the Spirit so my new blog at Substack is Spirit Word Power. What Does This Mean for You? Why Substack? Substack aligns with my vision [ … ]

The NBA Playoffs and God’s Goat

We are again in the season of the NBA playoffs and the age-old question is once again being batted around. Who is the Goat (Greatest of All Time)? In recent years the debate has been between Jordan and Lebron. But you can’t forget Kobe, Magic, Bird, and Duncan. But I [ … ]

Preparing the World for the Day of Visitation

I recently sent an email to a large company about a problem I had with their product. Seemingly the moment I sent the email I got a well-thought-out, compassionate reply. It was so well-thought-out and so compassionate I knew that there wasn’t time for a human to have written it. [ … ]

God, the devil, and Deion Sanders

As a man who is almost as passionate about college football as he is the gospel, I took great interest in a recent interview with Deion Sanders. For those who are looking to find how to fight the devil in our modern culture, Sanders showed what the devil is up to.

Can you still believe?

Following God is risky business Lots of people talk about the obedience necessary to follow God. Not as many people discover the vulnerability it takes to be truly obedient. We were never called to be followers of Jesus through grit and willpower. Jesus said He would send the Helper. Holy [ … ]

Embodying the Word

I have recently become struck by the concept of embodying the word of God. We understand that Jesus is the word that became flesh but even that is a more complex concept that at first glance. The writer of Ephesians tells us that before the foundations of the world, God [ … ]

How to start a Bible research library for cheap

There has been a move of Holy Spirit in my church as evidenced by people who are consumed with the Bible. I have seen several moves of God in my life but seeing people hungry for the Word is probably the coolest to be a part of. With that has [ … ]

The Charismatic Movement is at a Tipping Point

From the exploitation of volunteers and wild lifestyles, to Christian nationalism, the Charismatic movement has dominated headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. Unfortunately these incidents are more feature than flaw as these movements have produced exactly what they were designed to produce. Like all fast growing religious movements, long [ … ]

Daily Devotion for Saturday

I do a daily devotion based on the RCL daily reading. It is mostly for the folks I pastor, as a way of digital discipleship. I want people to engage the text both to understand the story in each writing and to see how Scripture is a unified story. The [ … ]

The Foundation that is Good

I am teaching a foundations class that starts tonight. I have really wrestled with what to teach. My faith journey has had many distinct chapters so I am not inclined to a specific tradition. But through each I have kept a little and learned to avoid some as well. The [ … ]