Juneteenth as a Prophetic Signpost

This past June 19th we talked about the holiday Juneteenth in service at Revival Life Church. This isn’t some sort of woke virtue signaling, its what happens when you recognize genuine prophetic signposts. Abraham signed the Emancipation Proclamation in January 1st, 1863. This Executive order freed enslaved Americans in the [ … ]

Gospel, The Gospel, and my Hatred of Guitar Solos

I have a complex theological history. This isn’t because I’ve done great studying over the years, but more so because of the clash between my social formation and my spiritual formation. For lack of a better expression, I got saved in my mid-20s. I spent my life up until this [ … ]

A lament for the foolish

I have been amazed in this season how many people simply believe their feelings are the greatest determinant of truth. You could read the Bible to them and if they don’t like the way it “feels” then it’s a nope for them. Lest you start talking post-Christian culture, I am [ … ]

Talking to the Absent Jesus

Do you have a place for important things? Throughout my life I have wasted countless time looking for essential things when I needed them the most. I hate looking all over the house for my keys when I am running late. As I have grown older, I have decreased my [ … ]

Race is not everything. But it is something.

I am a middle aged guy in an interracial marriage. Let me say, the world is not colorblind and neither is the church. That’s neither good nor bad, it just is. When we had children, I hated that my son was always the only child of color in the room. [ … ]

Don’t try to be a big shot

Sometimes it’s remarkable that you can get some of life’s most profound lessons from the most unlikely places. My wife Tracey comes from an Orthodox Jewish background on her mother’s side. Her grandma Rosa talked with an almost stereotypically Jewish Long Island accent. She had a bunch of phrases that [ … ]

The Narrow Door

Listen to what I am saying before you judge me. I really, really want to be a universalist. I think you have to have something wrong with you to desire anyone should go to hell. I hear all the arguments about Christian universalism and they sound so good and loving. [ … ]

The Myths of MLK and Jesus

Throughout my youth Dr. King was a hero of mine. As I got older and began to read his writings and listen to his speeches, I found his legacy more complex than I was able to reconcile. I loved the message of racial equality, I truly didn’t know what to [ … ]