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Snapshots for the Soul

(This post is redundant to my SubStack. But since Twitter does not play nice with Substack I post to both place. You can follow me on SubStack here.) My week started with a call from the hospital. The kind nurse wanted me to know my wife was out of recovery [ … ]

The Prophetic Sign from Asbury We are Missing

God is moving in the churches of every pastor I know. It is astounding and it all started about the same time as Asbury. Asbury did not start this move. Asbury was a prophetic sign about this move. It wasn’t started in the seminary, it was started across the street [ … ]

Why is a Pentecostal Pastor messing with Lent?

What in the world is a Pentecostal pastor doing leading a Lent devotional? Am I becoming Catholic? Was it the whole point of the Pentecostal movement to kill this dead religion? I am fully aware that people are fearful that one day I’m going to be using words like Advent [ … ]

Why You Should Start Collecting Relics in 2023

In the 1930s the property at 312 Azusa Street in Los Angeles was foreclosed upon and scheduled to be demolished. The once horse stable that hosted the revival that bore its address had sparked a movement that had already traveled the world. Before demolition, the building was offered to the [ … ]

The Real Prophetic Question the Church is Facing

I’m on Tik Tok. You have to be careful there. On one side of the straight and narrow way is the onslaught of thirst trap videos. The other side of the way are the Tik Tok theologians. I call them such because the totality of their biblical scholarship can be [ … ]

I Wrote a Worship Song About My Affair

Imagine for a moment that you are the worship leader of a massive church. People sing your songs everywhere. You are partially famous because your choir is one of the leading choirs in the land. Before the internet, there were songbooks and before that, hymnals that people would use to [ … ]

Juneteenth as a Prophetic Signpost

This past June 19th we talked about the holiday Juneteenth in service at Revival Life Church. This isn’t some sort of woke virtue signaling, its what happens when you recognize genuine prophetic signposts. Abraham signed the Emancipation Proclamation in January 1st, 1863. This Executive order freed enslaved Americans in the [ … ]