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Third Monday of Lent 3/13/23 The Snares of Death and the Drama of Good News

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Third Monday of Lent  3/13/23 The Snares of Death and the Drama of Good News 

The word drama tripped me up a bit, by definition it sounds a lot like life.

Drama•an exciting, emotional, unexpected series of events or set of circumstances.”


“We baptized people are witnesses to the claim that this drama is real and valid and transformative.”


Transformative to say the least. It’s our choice that makes the difference between sinking or swimming here. Whether we make a choice of life or death.  Choosing Christ sets us free, although not always easy, transition begins as He walks with us through it all.

Brueggemann states it beautifully, by choosing Christ, all that comes at us is rendered powerless. “It turns out that the snares are powerless; they are overrun by waves of gratitude that has us on our way rejoicing.”

This IS why we must count it ALL AS JOY. He loves us too much to leave us where we are or standing alone in ANY circumstance. I see and know all too well there is freedom and greater peace on the other side of the battle in Jesus name.


…there’s a table that You prepared for me, in the presence of my enemy. Our weapon is praise and thanksgiving - this is how we fight our battles ohhhhoooo…


As we walk in our true identity in Christ, not a hair will raise when opposed with adversity. We will naturally move into celebration, singing a new song of praise and thanksgiving - moving and changing the circumstance before us, at hand, or opposing us. True love originating from our once sinful heart. His Love, naturally welling up from within. God given authority and power pouring out of our mouths; moving mountains, changing circumstance, bringing heaven down on earth in Jesus’ mighty name - without a thought, with great confidence and joy knowing The King of Kings is celebrating our realization of who we are in Him.

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