Daily Devotion for Saturday

I do a daily devotion based on the RCL daily reading. It is mostly for the folks I pastor, as a way of digital discipleship. I want people to engage the text both to understand the story in each writing and to see how Scripture is a unified story.

The RCL Daily reading is good at painting a picture that unfolds in three acts, Psalm, OT reading, and NT reading. I read and take notes in my devotion time then share them on several platforms.

On Saturday I do a longer dive into the week or on that day’s if so lead. I plan to do Saturday with someone else in the future. In case you want to follow along you can find today’s episode on Spotify here or follow the link below to find it on your favorite platform.

Here is a link to everywhere you can find the podcast: https://linktr.ee/spiritwordpower

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