Snapshots for the Soul

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My week started with a call from the hospital. The kind nurse wanted me to know my wife was out of recovery and ready to be discharged after surgery to correct a hernia. She wanted to know how long it would be before I could be there to get her. I told her I was four floors above her with my mother who was suffering with cardiac malignant infusion from chemotherapy. Basically, her heart was weak from the six rounds of chemo to kill the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and now it isn’t keeping up with the needs of her body. They had just drained almost a liter from one of her lungs and she was happy to be able to breathe.

 Today, my son graduated from university Magnum Cum Laude. Life is crazy sometimes and unfortunately, Jesus does not insulate you from that. There are preachers who will sell you that story, but it wasn’t true for Paul. It wasn’t true for Stephen. It wasn’t true for Jesus. And it isn’t true for us. Here is what I’m trying to do in the midst of a life of uncertainty.

Live in the moment.

I don’t prescribe to YOLO carpe diem living. I also don’t prescribe living tomorrow’s troubles today.

I don’t have any fewer problems today than I had yesterday. In fact I just found out about a problem that is potentially serious. I also have people that I care about suffering greatly. But today, my son graduated from college. Our family will gather together and celebrate his great achievement.

I have stopped several times today already to absorb the environment. I like to be fully present in moments of celebration so I have the well to draw from in times of depression.

When we came home from the ceremony, our bellies were filled from brunch but my heart was filled with joy and I wanted it to get deep in my soul. So I laid down on the floor of my living room and I purposefully counted 20 amazing things happening right now.

You have to count the amazing things on purpose because the devil is constantly counting the bad things for you.

I need to keep those amazing things in front of me or else the bad things become the loudest voice in my ear.

Tonight I’m gonna watch my son navigate a room of people who love him and have cheered him on his whole life. I will probably tell him for the 30th time this week how proud I am of him. I will remind him that the job he is supposed to get will come when it comes. The focus for today is the achievement of the last four years.

Ain’t it like the devil to have you thinking about your need of a career on the day you are supposed to be celebrating the graduation from college?

But I have reminded my son just like I’m reminding you, life is crazy. Tough days are coming. Maybe you are in a tough season right now. But those are forever. Life is a winding journey and when you are riding that ride with Jesus who knows where it’s going?

But when that ride takes you on mountaintops and lush valleys, stop and take a picture with your soul. Carry it for the journey ahead.

Today I got a few snapshots my soul will carry forward. I pray you get a few this week as well.

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